Carlee Cardwell

Founder | Principal

Carlee brings over 14 years of experience in high-end resort, residential and hospitality design to your project. Prior to opening her studio, she managed the Design Support Services Department for Vail Resorts in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she was responsible for all capital improvements at the resort. She was recruited for her forward thinking designs and innovative concepts. Carlee’s work has been featured in Forbes magazine, Restaurant Industry News, Phoenix Home & Garden and Ski magazine. In addition, Carlee’s long and rich history of resort residential design plays well to ???. Her Graduate Interior Design thesis, focusing on a new typology in the resort hospitality industry, won Chair’s Excellence in Design Award for innovative concept and application of materials. She is acclaimed for her successful business management and client-centric designs. Carlee’s role in your project will be to provide overall concept and design direction, business management and client relations.